Understanding what we believe


The church takes the Bible as its all-sufficient source of faith and practice, and subscribes to the historic creeds of the universal church. In common with historical, evangelical Christianity, it emphasizes Christ as Saviour and coming King. It also presents Christ as Healer, and it adopts the distinctive position that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence when Christ baptizes in the Holy Spirit.


Faith for the Family

This ministry is composed of four sections which are i) Men, ii) Women, iii) Couples and iv) Kids’ ministries


The men’s ministry has always been called MEN OF HONOR. However if we become men of integrity, honor will be inevitable. We shall not need to beg for it. Therefore, this is a men's ministry dedicated to helping men be the godly men God calls us to be. A godly man is a servant, not a slave master. Being a spiritual leader does not mean dominating your family. It means serving your family, and being a godly example to your wife and children.

The mission of MOI ministry is to provide men with resources to develop godly character, and to equip them to influence their world for Christ. Becoming a Christian is not a destination; it is the beginning of a life-long journey. Hopefully, this ministry will help some men along the way.

In the potter’s hand ministries, we intend to build a resource center for men where you’ll find resources for encouraging men to be all God wants them to be, including articles, forums and resources.

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